Dear Folk Dancers, Folk Dance Teachers, Parents and Friends.

I am Dusan "Opanchar". You can reach me at my telephone number (416) 693-4039 at anytime. My fax number is (905) 509-4246.

My Products are international multicultural traditional dancing shoes. They are made with the high quality of workmanship and the best leather and cowhide in the world. The prices are extremly reasonable for quality hand made products and have not been changed in the last seven years.

I am willing to work with all dance groups and organizations that have a need of purchasing a bulk order of dancing shoes. Since I am in located in Southern Ontario It is possible for me to arrange a on spot sale for your students during their rehersals, or I can come and present my products at the most convient time you can find. The doors of my shop are always open if you want to come by and look at the largest variety of dancing shoes that can be offered in the norht american continent. For the rest of the world I will ship the shoes of your choice. However to preserve the orginal quality and to please you most with our products I do recomend that you draw a trace of foot your self or for each student(s) that you are making a purchase. The most convinient way to do a trace is to stand on the hard flat surface on top of a blank sheet of paper and with perpendicular pencil trace the outline of your foot paying attentio not to bend the pencil too much towards or outside the feet (ideally it should be held at 90 degress from the drawing surface). Traced footprint can be faxed or mailed to me. I will ship your order after confirming and agreeing on the total price for it that includes shipping and handling fees.

Please feel free to browse our internet store to get a fell of what kind of shoes can be manufactures. Of course if you do not see your style here you are always welcome to recomend how do you want your shoes to be done.

All Payments should be made to Dusan Neceski. ShanShoes is alias under I am know and under which the shop operetes but it is not my business name so I can not cash any cheques made to ShanShoes.
Typical Macedonian opinok During 19th century almost all people on Balkans were wearing traditional footwear. The reason was that it was the only available footwear for the general public at the time and just few could afford to buy "modern" shoes. You could tell the place of origin of each person by the type and style of their shoes. Even if traditional shoes are all almost same on the quality and type, they are significantly different in style. The ones with more decoration on them, or simply have more leather tread on them, or in some cases colored leather, were considered occasional and the plain ones were casual. The saying is that you could tell a lot about the person by just looking at his/her shoes.

Typical Serbian opanak The art of making those shoes was no secret, but few had patience, skill and talent to make them. Period between two world wars is considered as top for shoe making , and this become industry. The knowledge of making traditional shoes was carefully passed onto each new generation but despite all effort the shoe industry pushed away traditional shoe making.

Vlashki opanak Today this type of shoes have more artistic value then practical. They are still used by dancing groups wearing traditional clothing, but there are many people buying them as souvenir for their homes.

Located in Toronto, Ontario - Canada Shan Shoes is the only manufacturer of those traditional shoes on American Continent. Our shop can manufacture any type of shoes from anywhere in the world and deliver to anywhere in the world.

Shan Shoes also does repairs of dancing shoes (opinci).

Please feel free to explore our variety of shoes available for sale and do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry you may have.

Phone: (416) 693-4039
Fax: (905) 509-4246
Please send email correspondence in your language. English is my last preference.
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